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Betdaq is the second largest exchange betting operator with 7% of the market share and have grown since they were launched in the year 2000 to become one of the few main betting exchange companies. To give you the chance to get to learn more about their service, Betdaq welcomes new customers with a whole month free of commission on all exchange bets. This review will help you to decide whether they are a company that you want to consider using for your exchange betting needs.


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To make use of the welcome offer and receive your bonus you must sign up with the promo code ‘MAXBONUS‘ on the registration page. By simply typing in the Betdaq promotion code – MAXBONUS, you will be given an instant access to a whole month of 0% commission on all exchange bets.

You can use your bonus on sports such as Football and Cricket, via desktop or mobile app, the choice is yours!


Betdaq Promotions Code terms

To enjoy your new customer offer, it is vital that you make yourself aware of the terms and conditions, as these vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

In order to get Betdaq welcome offer, the first thing you would have to do is to sign up and register as a new user. Subsequently, on the registration page you need to put in MAXBONUS code and your one month free of commission will be activated. If you do not put the right Betdaq promo code, then your account will run on a standard commission of 5%.

As a general rule, that kind of promotion applies to one customer, and can be used one time only.

After the 30 day period of 0% commission on all exchange bets for all sports, you will return to the standard commission which we mentioned above.

So who are Betdaq?

Betdaq was launched in the year 2000, and it has become the second largest online betting exchange company in the UK and has a 7% share of the exchange market. This means that £75 million worth of bets are placed on their platform each week.

Exchange betting is a revolutionary concept where you are not placing bets against the bookmaker, you are betting against other like minded people. To do this, you can either Back or Lay a bet. Backing is similar to a traditional bookmaker bet, you place a bet at the odds that you want, and just pick up the winnings. If you don’t think a selection can win, the exchange platform gives you the opportunity to Lay, and therefore, you offer a price and take somebody else’s bet. If the selection wins, you lose, and if it loses, you win!

One of the ways a traditional bookmaker makes money is to build in what is called an over-round into their odds, so the market is never priced up to give you true value – the bookmaker keeps some back. But with exchange betting, the book is very near to 100% true, giving you much better value. Betdaq make their money by taking a small commission for all winning bets.

Because of the unique nature of this type of betting, a lot of people have been intimidated, or simply unaware it existed. So over the years, Betdaq have sponsored some large organisations to get their name out there. Sponsorship deals with the likes of Kempton Park Racecourse, Celtic Football Club, London Irish Rugby Club, and most recently Charlton Athletic have seen Betdaq’s band grow and become one that is well known amongst gamblers.

At the start of 2013, Ladbrokes decided to buy Betdaq in a £25million deal to further capitalise on their growth over the years with the aim of further increasing their market share and stopping the monopoly that Betfair had on the market with customers growing frustrated over the premium charge that Betfair offered.


Sports Markets

Betdaq looks to offer all of your most loved sports as they give you the opportunity to take advantage of the great value that exchange betting provides. A lot of bookmakers focus on providing every sport under the sun, but Betdaq instead focuses on the sports that generate the most interest.

You have all of your favourites such as Horse Racing, Football, Greyhounds, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, Snooker, American Football, Darts, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Boxing, and even selected Specials.

Operating a betting exchange isn’t as simple as just offering as many markets as possible, they must give consideration to the liquidity of markets. In an ideal world, there would be an infinite pool of money provided by millions of customers betting on each market. This is what keeps the odds razor sharp and the book close to 100%.

As a result, it only makes sense to offer markets that are higher in popularity and will have multiple users betting on them, and Betdaq do well in selecting the markets that their customers will have the most interest in.

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Of course, Football is the staple of any betting product, and is of course, the main focus here for Betdaq. They offer Football from 31 different countries at the time of writing, which encompasses all of the major regions, and some not so major ones too. They have football from Australia to Venezuela, so you can be sure that if there is a match that you want to bet on, they will have it available!

The Premier League is the most popular of all leagues when it comes to betting, and Betdaq makes sure that it is well stocked with all of the markets that you may have an interest in. From your traditional options such as Match Odds, Asian Handicap and numerous Over/Under goal lines, they also give you the opportunity to bet, or trade, on Correct score, Half Time score, and numerous Asian Handicap markets.

There are also numerous long-term markets that offer great value, and the opportunity for long-term trades. The Premier League winners market, for example, often has huge swings in prices over a season, so if you are patient, and trade sensibly, you can finish the season in profit no matter the outcome!

A discussion on Football betting is of course, not complete without a discussion on In-Play betting. And exchange betting opens up a whole new world of possibilities when you bet in play! The ability to both back, and lay your bet means that many savvy punters don’t have to wait for the match to finish, and instead trade for a guaranteed profit before the full-time whistle!

Horse Racing

Because of all the massive swings in odds, Horse Racing is one of the most popular sports for trading enthusiasts to bet on. And Betdaq has looked to provide a competitive product for their customers to enjoy this unique betting platform.

The main focus here is on UK & Irish horse racing, and you have the opportunity with Betdaq to bet on all of the major race meets. Exchange betting also offers you the opportunity to get some pretty great prices that are above what is offered by your traditional bookmaker!

Should you be looking to spread your wings a bit, Betdaq also offers the chance for you to bet on Horse Races in regions such as America, giving you the opportunity to become an expert in a lesser known niche and find an edge over your competitors.

Ladbrokes also have a pretty cool Horse Racing results service for you to take advantage of on their site, so you can find out all of the latest results in an instant!


Betdaq Account Management

It is very easy to get set up with a Betdaq account and takes just a few moments to get started! Once you visit the site, you will be immediately faced with the opportunity to register for a new account, and doing so requires you to input a few details such as name, address, e-mail and not forgetting the Betdaq promotions code ‘MAXBONUS’ for you to be eligible for the sign up offer and receive your free bets.

Once you have your account set up, you will be able to enter your account section where you will be able to manage important things such as updating your personal information, change your password, and set deposit limits. One feature which will be particularly useful is the ability to check your betting history, so you can alter your betting or trading strategy to ensure long-term success.

Betdaq has an excellent mobile app that is available for Android and iPhone users, so you can access your account once you have completed your mobile download of their app.


To ensure that you have a smooth process when betting with Betdaq, they have provided a wide range of banking options for you to use.

A Debit Card is the most common option, and there are no fee’s attached to this banking method. If you wish, you can also use a Credit Card, but there is a 1.5% charge on all deposit’s for you to keep in mind if you choose this option.

E-wallets such as Skrill, MoneyBookers, Paypal and NETeller are also available, and these are free for you to use. If you’re still stuck for options, Betdaq also offers you the opportunity to bank via Bank Transfer or Cheque.


Betdaq Casino, Multiples and Pools

For us fans of sports betting, there are them unfortunate times when there just aren’t enough sports on for us to place a bet on! However, the good thing about Betdaq is that they offer casino games for you to pass the time at times when you are looking for some entertainment.

In total, they have 56 different casino games for you to explore, in a variety of different styles. For a start, you can choose from 27 different slot games, brought to you by award-winning developer Playtech. Ganes such as Captains Treasure, Gladiator, Bejeweled 2 and Heart of The Jungle are ready and waiting for you to play with all of your exchange winnings!

Should table games be more your thing, then don’t despair! They have five great games to play such as Blackjack, 3D Roulette, 3 Card Brag & Mini Roulette. And to help you with this, they have further bonuses to tempt you to get stuck into their casino games, once you have already used your Betdaq Promotions Code ‘MAXBONUS’ on sign up.

If you’re having one of them lazy Sunday afternoons, just scrolling on your iPhone, but fancy playing some slots, then you will be able to just download the Betdaq Mobile app, and play games on the app until your heart’s content!

If that isn’t enough to keep you entertained during the sporting calenders quiet moments, Betdaq offer you the chance to play numerous pools games that can quite literally make you a millionaire from a small stake! The Colossus pools game is perhaps the biggest where you predict the results of 7 games for a chance to win £10,000,000! But there are also numerous other pools games for you to explore so if you’re feeling lucky, this is an area of the site that you should visit.

One of the worries for people who aren’t hardened traders is that they are unable to place their traditional accas. This is not a concern with Betdaq, as they have a multiples product for you to use. All you must do is click on the multiples tab and look at the events on offer. Then just add the multiples to your bet slip and place your bet! Plus, you have numerous sports available to bet from, so you won’t be short of options.

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Betdaq Tips

To help you get to grips with exchange betting, Betdaq has developed a huge resource aimed at helping you become a winning punter! Remember, exchange betting is different to betting with a traditional bookmaker, and winners are valued with Betdaq!

To start with they have regular betting tips on a range of different sports. If you’re a Horse Racing fan, you can get views and tips from Daqman, Shamrock and Pro form, who are all highly regarded sources to help you gather the information you need. They also publish regular articles on the biggest market movers, which can be a good indication on which horses are fancied to go well. This also massively helps with your trading.

They offer the same content for Football also. Tony Cascarino is their main columnist, and he previews the biggest matches, offering you a valuable insight, while also giving you a betting suggestion at the end of it. Numerous other columnists also do the same, so you will never go short of information if you need a bit of inspiration!

Golf, NFL, Greyhounds and UFC are the other sports featured on Betdaq tips, and provide a great way for you to learn about other sports and spread your betting wings!

One of the biggest barriers to entry for most people new to betting exchanges is that they can be intimidating when you get started. What is laying? What is trading? Are questions that are normally asked by people intrigued by the prospect of bigger prices, but not sure exactly where to get started. However, knowledge is power, and Betdaq have a huge section full of useful articles that aim to empower you, and educate you so that there are no longer any barriers to stop you from getting involved with exchange betting!

To help you come up with winners, Betdaq have an interesting proposition for you to explore. They have introduced a tipping game to their Betdaq tips site, which pits hundreds of different tipsters against each other.

The good thing about Betdaq’s tipping game is that you can follow the most successful tipsters on their platform, and use them as a basis for formulating your own tips, and put you ahead of the competition!

Maybe you’re not the type to follow, and fancy yourself as a bit of a tipster? Well, the incentives are there for you to get involved too. You too can compete in the competition, and there is £600 to be won each month.


Betdaq Customer Service

The competition in the online gaming industry is huge, so if you want to be successful, you need to have every facet of your operation up to scratch. The need for great customer service is further intensified when you run a betting exchange given the more complex nature of the platform over a traditional sportsbook.

To aid you in getting the answers you need, Betdaq has numerous different contact options for you to explore, all with good response rates.

Firstly, you can contact them via live chat, where a trained, polite operator will be waiting to answer numerous different questions you have. Or you can contact them via the telephone to get an equally informed answer. Should you have a longer query that is best suited to the written word, you may email them through their web messaging system also.

Should you not want to go to the trouble of contacting somebody, Betdaq also offers a large support section on their website with an FAQ that will answer most common questions, and you can normally find an answer here.

Betdaq looks to ensure that all communications are safe and secure and everything you discuss will be confidential. If you do have a query, some of the contact options are below:

  • Phone number: UK: 08701781 021
  • Phone number Ireland: 01 673 3360
  • International contact number: +353 1 673 3360
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @betdaq


Exchange betting is a huge weapon to add to a punters arsenal, and if you take your betting seriously, then you need to consider the benefits that betting on a betting exchange can bring.

Betfair may be the industry leaders and dominate the exchange industry, but due to things like their premium charge, many punters are beginning to look for alternatives, such as Betdaq.

The Betdaq platform is good, it’s a straight forward, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing site. The colour scheme and the set up are suitable for many hours of use. The number of events and markets may not be at the same level as the likes of Betfair, but that will only improve the more people move away from Betfair, and Betdaq can rely on more liquidity in their markets.

The resources such Betdaq tips and the tipping game are a fabulous inclusion, and you do get the feeling that Betdaq are interested in helping you to become better gamblers

The complete focus isn’t just on the exchange, however, and while the casino isn’t the largest in the industry, it does provide a welcome distraction at times. Plus, the games that they do offer are all decent titles. And with the multiples section, they have attempted to stop customers from doing their recreational betting elsewhere. While the selection of games isn’t huge, it is worth checking out because they may just have the bet you were looking for available.

All in all, Betdaq is a site that has been established in the exchange community for a very long time, and they are backed by one of the biggest in the business, so they are an option worth exploring. So don’t delay, take advantage of their sign up offer, and remember to add the Betdaq Promotions Code MAXBONUS for your free bets!

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