Football Index Referral Code

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Get a £1000 Money Back Guarantee if you’ve not made a profit after 7 days, with the Referral Code.

How much you know about football can indeed prove beneficial with your sports betting endeavours. However, you now have the chance to use that knowledge of the game to make money via the Football Index platform with minimum-to-no risk. Read on to figure out how it works, how to use the Football index referral code to claim the £1000 risk-free welcome offer, handy tips and advice.

Football Index Referral Code Explained

The Football Index referral code is a password-like code (also called promo code or bonus code) that enables you to claim up to £1000 money back bonus. To receive yours, you only need to visit the official Football Index website, where you must go through the registration process. At some point, you will be asked to provide a bonus code – insert  promo code on that field. As soon as you confirm your registration, you will be able to receive your £1000 money back guarantee to start buying and selling football players.

Promotion TermsDescription
Football Index Referral Coden/a
Type of BonusSign-up bonus
Football Index Bonus£1000 Money back guarantee
Minimum Deposit£10
Expiry7 days
Terms & Conditions ApplyT&Cs Apply*

*Significant T&C: New customers only, max. deposit of £1,000, wagering requirements and additional terms apply. Please gamble responsibly, for more information please visit
Football Index Referral Code

Football Index Referral Code: Trading

Football Index and fantasy football have much in common, especially considering that they both require you to predict which player(s) will perform well. The fact that you get to choose a player instead of an entire team makes it even more appealing to football fans who want to make maximum profit out of their sports betting activities. And, although some risk is involved, with Football Index trading you do not lose more than your original stake, unlike other forms of gambling.

In a nutshell, what you want is to find players that will top the Media and/or Performance Buzz charts as many times as possible so that you gain dividends (small payout of GBP 0.05, whose price depends solely on demand, rather than any external factors, such as column inches and media mentions).

Where you could make or lose money is when trading shares in Football Futures (another term describing the players) as the price changes. The best thing about Football Index so far? That it can be played on any tablet, mobile phone or desktop, regardless of the operating system it runs on. Just remember to use your Football Index referral code at sign-up so that you don’t miss the enticing offer.

Football Index Referral Code: Trading Details

You start by investing in players whose value will probably increase in the future. That value is depended on two factors (1) whether the player has topped the Football Buzz chart and earned a dividend on that day (related to the media coverage he has received) and (2) how much in demand that player is from other traders. The Football Buzz charts comprise of the Media Buzz and the Performance Buzz rankings, with the first one being determined by the articles posted on 25 football news platforms across the UK, such as Talksport, Metro, Daily Mail, and more, and the latter rewarding players for their performances on the field based on Opta-powered data.

Know that the Stock Market opens at 6 am GMT and you have until midnight to place bets. The so-called First Team list has 200 players to choose from and start building your portfolio. The Squad consists of another set of players that traders could vote to enter the First Team. Every Friday, the players with the most votes (two of them) are promoted to the First Team and get the place of the footballers holding the 199th and 200th position on the First Team list. When that happens, you will see the padlock symbol next to the promoted players, which means that they are safe from relegation for the next two months. When that padlock turns blue, the player is safe from the relegation of the coming week. You may also ask for players to be added to The Squad too. Lastly, let’s just say that you can also bulk-buy players (up to 100 shares in each of the top 100, 50 or 25 players on the First Team list) using a tracker, which will help you spread risk, among others.

Although all this could be a bit too much for beginners, there are several resources available on the website to help you get the hang of it, such as instructional videos and more. They all become available to you immediately after you register with the Football Index referral code.

Football Index Referral Code

Football Index Referral Code: Selling on the Football Stock Market

When you feel that the time has come to cash out your investment, you just select the player you want to sell and click the Sell button. Your request goes straight to the betting exchange, where it sits until there is a trader that wants to buy your player at the price you are asking. This means that the sale may or may not be instant (depends on how popular or in demand the player is). Nevertheless, you can set a reserve price. As for the average time for sales, no relevant information has been published yet, but Football Index contributes to the creation of market liquidity from time to time by purchasing players that are being sold and holding them until a buyer comes up (aka market making). Now, if you are wondering how the platform makes money, it charges a 2% commission fee on each sale.

Final Notes on Football Index Referral Code

Remember that futures become void and null after three years from issue. Also, Football Index UK gives you a 7-day trial period during which you can decide whether this thing is for you or not. If not, you have the right to ask for a refund of any loses. The platform will then top up your account with the remaining amount so that your balance has the sum of your original deposit. Compared to other forms of gambling, sports betting included, this is by far the safest and most risk-free experience you could ever ask for, especially if you know a thing or two about football. The only thing to make sure is that you have entered the Football Index Football referral code correctly at sign-up. Enjoy your adventure!